Vivaldi – The Four Seasons
(Orchestra of the Swan) – DVD


David Curtis conductor
David Le Page violin
Catherine Leech violin

This DVD offers a brilliant opportunity to see the orchestra in action. We recorded this in a live late night session in Warwick Castle. Dave le Page’s “Four Seasons” is fiery and exciting as always (we must have performed this piece together at least 30 times over the years!) The DVD also features my old friend Steven Devine on harpsichord.

The Four Seasons in performance from Warwick CastleSpring

i) Allegro
ii) Adagio
iii) Danza Pastorale


iv) Allegro Non Molto
v) Adagio
vi) Presto


vii) Allegro
viii) Adagio Molto
ix) Allegro


x) Allegro Non Molto
xi) Largo
xii) Allegro

L’Estro Armonico, Op3 No8

xiii) Allegro
xiv) Larghetto e sprirtoso
xv) Allegro

DIGITALIS DIG 1623 [52’]


Mozart – Piano Concertos
(Mark Bebbington, Orchestra of the Swan) – CD


Orchestra of the Swan
David Curtis
– conductor

The orchestra’s latest recording is already receiving rave reviews. I’m really pleased with the way the cellos and bass sound, smooth and powerful with lots of exciting phrasing. Mark Bebbington floats elegantly on top with some beautiful playing. We recorded this in the Pump Rooms in Cheltenham (the scene of many an exciting Swan evening during our residency there) which lends its wonderful acoustics to the recording.

Piano Concerto No.11 in F major, KV.413Piano Concerto No.12 in A major, KV.414

Piano Concerto No.13 in C major, KV.415

Under the direction of Artistic Director David Curtis, Orchestra of the Swan has achieved national recognition for outstanding performances, innovative programming and an accessible style of presentation. Orchestra of the Swan performs with passion and is highly respected for its commitment to new music. The critical acclaim which has greeted Mark Bebbington’s recent performances and recordings has singled him out as a young British pianist of the rarest refinement and maturity. He has recorded extensively for SOMM Recordings to unanimous critical acclaim.

“…a revelation is Bebbington’s finely weighted and beautifully manicured playing, where runs and scale passages sparkle like rows of polished beads.”

“ With this delectably performed and well engineered recording he (Bebbington) is well set to enter the mainstream CD market.”

David Hart. Birmingham Post May 8th 2007

Somm SOMM066 [78’07″]


Mahler – Symphony No. 8 in E flat
(Simon Rattle, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra) – CD

It seemed only right that Simon Rattle should complete his cycle of Mahler symphonies by “ coming home” to Birmingham’s Symphony Hall and the CBSO. It was a real pleasure to be invited to join the cello section for this project and the result is fantastic! The scale of this symphony is awesome and EMI’s recording conveys this dramatically. We performed this on two nights in Symphony Hall to a capacity audience. The atmosphere was electric, you could feel a real warmth from the crowd, excited by Rattle’s return. EMI took both performances live with additional recording sessions later in the week. Sir Simon Rattle conductor
Christine Brewer soprano
Soile Isokoski soprano
Juliane Banse soprano
Birgit Remmert mezzo-soprano
Jane Hensche mezzo-soprano
Jon Villars tenor
David Wilson-Johnson bariton
John Relyea bass
Simon Halsey chorus director
City of Birmingham Symphony Chorus
London Symphony Chorus
City of Birmingham Symphony Youth Chorus
Toronto Children’s Chorus
City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra” Fire and energy explode from the very first bar; carrying us forward with mounting tension… The soloists, topped by Christine Brewer, Soile Isokoski and Jon Villars, pierce and soar most beautifully…”
Geoff Brown, The Times

” Rattle fizzes through this mighty work with relentless energy, drive and narrative tension…Rattle’s version will delight his huge following and enthrall Mahlerians.”
Anthony Holden, The Observer

” [Rattle] grabs his cohorts by the scruff of the neck, summoning wonderful orchestral playing, roars from the magnificent Symphony Organ, evocative bell sounds and vital, exultant singing from his choral forces.”
Christopher Morley, The Birmingham Post

EMI CLASSICS 7243 5 57945 2 9 [77’38″]


Published by Schott

Schott’s “Baroque around the World” is a series of sheet music publications with accompanying CD. Each collection contains around 16 short pieces of music from the 18th Century. These are designed for intermediate level players with parts for Violin (Flute or Oboe), Keyboard and Cello (Basson).

We have just recorded our 6th Baroque around the World album. Each one was recorded at Trinity Studios in Greenwich by Simon Weir and Morgan Roberts of the Classical Recording Company. I worked with Simon back in August 2000 on the London Mozart Ensemble CD and it has been brilliant to have him producing this series. The sessions are always a lot of fun and the whole process feels very creative. Jeremy Barlow’s editions are great and there is generally space for new interpretation and improvisation by the players. We have a representative from Schott in the control room making note of any embellishments that creep in during the takes so that these can be reflected in the score.

Each CD contains complete performances of all the pieces and a play-along track with just the accompaniment for the student to work with.

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English Airs and Dances

Sharon Lindo – violin
Jennifer Stinton – flute
Nick Stringfellow – cello
Jeremy Barlow – harpsichord
16 easy to intermediate pieces for violin (flute or oboe), keyboard and optional cello (bassoon). From 18th-century England, the collection includes country dances, Cheshire rounds, hornpipes and pantomime tunes, plus examples of the march, minuet, siciliana, gavotte and jig. Featured composers include Arne, Earl of Abingdon, Hebden, Holcombe, Linley, Roseingrave, Stanley, Thackray.Anon.: Portsmouth
Two Cheshire Rounds
Bloomsbury Market
J. Dowland: Excuse me
Anon.: New Perro
Black Joke
Cackling of the hens
H. Holcombe: Air in e-Moll
R. Roseingrave: Gavotte
J. Hebden: Largo e Siciliano
J. Stanley: Minuet with variation
T. Linley: The Sprite Mirth in distress for the loss of Harlequin
T. Thackray: The Yorkshire Buffs’ March
Earl of Abingdon: Hop Tops
The blossoms of May
T.A. Arne: Hornpipe

ISMN: M-2201-2391-7
ISBN: 978-1-902455-48-8
Order number: ED 12861


Vaudeville et Menuet

Sharon Lindo – violin
Jennifer Stinton – flute
Nick Stringfellow – cello
Jeremy Barlow – harpsichord
16 easy to intermediate pieces from 18th-century France for violin (flute or oboe), keyboard and optional cello (bassoon). These popular airs and dances, by composers such as Boismortier, Chédeville, Destouches, Grétry, Marais, Montéclair and Mondonville, derive from the court, countryside and theatre.M. Marais: Marche pour les matelots Boismortier: Air
Rondeau Montéclair: Brunette ´Je suis charmé d’une brune’
M. Corrette: Gigues 1 & 2
C.N.le Clerc: Le Menuet à 4-6 coupé
La chapelière
Les Grâces et l’enjouement
La chasse galante Lagarde: Gavotte and Air
C.N.le Clerc: Branle de Meth Mondonville: Airs 1 & 2

ISMN: M-2201-2392-4
ISBN: 978-1-902455-52-5
Order number: ED 12862


Tune up the fiddle!

Sharon Lindo – violin
Jennifer Stinton – flute
Nick Stringfellow – cello
Jeremy Barlow – harpsichord
16 easy to intermediate pieces from 18th-century Sweden. The collection, for violin (flute or oboe), keyboard and optional cello (bassoon), includes airs and dances by Roman, Agrell, Kraus, Wikmanson, Bellman.J. H. Roman: Allegro
Vivace (Rondo)
H. P. Johnsen: The temple of friendship
Sweet dream
J. J. Agrell: Trio Sonata in G (Allegro
A. Wesström: Variations on a Swedish Polonaise
F. Müller: Andante Grazioso
J. Wikmanson: Menuetto
C. M. Bellman: If fate should send me
Sing my sons, all twelve!
Sleep to my music
Tune up the fiddle!

ISMN: M-2201-2393-1
ISBN: 978-1-902455-59-4
Order number: ED 12863


4 Scottish Sonatas

John Trusler – violin
Nick Stringfellow – cello
Jeremy Barlow – harpsichord
This book invites you to explore exciting new repertoire by Scotland’s Baroque composers: Oswald, Reid, McGibbon and Mackintosh!This collection includes the first modern edition of Mackintosh’s G minor Sonata. These pieces are ideal for auditions and exams as well as concerts and can be performed as whole sonatas or single movements. The accompaniments are simple and effective; the instrumentation is flexible – suitable for violin or flute and cello or bassoon, plus keyboard. The sonatas are newly researched by the Scottish musicologist David Johnson.

The CD includes complete performances as well as play-along tracks.

About the editor
Editorial notes
William McGibbon: Sonata in D
James Oswals: Sonata in A, ‘The Hawthorn’
General John Reid: Sonata in G
Robert Mackintosh: Sonata in G minor

ISMN: M-2201-2554-6
ISBN: 978-1-902455-33-4
Order number: ED 12950


Allegro, Adagio e Follia

John Trusler – violin
Nick Stringfellow – cello
Jeremy Barlow – harpsichord
This new addition to the ‘Baroque Around the World’ series contains a wide range of tuneful pieces from the Italian Baroque, edited by Roberto De Caro from leading Italian publisher Ut Orpheus Edizioni. The pieces offer a variety of technical challenges for intermediate-level students. These attractive pieces may also be enjoyed by more advanced players, and ideally suitable as performance material.
The CD contains complete performances as well as play-along tracks.Preface
About the editor
Tomaso Albinoni: Largo
Paolo Bottigoni:
Giovanni Antonio Canuti: Allegro
Giacomo Ferronati: Largo
Quirino Colombani: Adagio
Domenico Maria Drejer: Largo
Filippo Rosa: Allegro
Pietro Pellegrini: Andante
Anonymous 18th century: Follia di Spagna

ISMN: M-2201-2592-8
ISBN: 978-1-902455-86-0
Order number: ED 12951


Dear Harp of my Country – Thomas Moore’s Irish Melodies
(John Kerr, Devine Music) – CD

JOHN KERR – tenor
Sharon Lindo – violin
Lesley Holliday – flute
Nick Stringfellow – cello
Ruth Wall – harp
Steven Devine – piano

Released in 2001, “Dear Harp of my Country” is a lasting reminder of the beautiful and majestic voice of the late John Kerr. As a tenor with the Royal Opera, Covent Garden since 1974, John was a wonderful performer. He delighted audiences in his many recitals at Finchcocks, Goudhurst where he was guest artist and general celebrity! This CD was recorded at Finchcocks by Chris Thorpe and produced by Michael Fields. I really enjoyed the sessions, it was lovely to be recording in the middle of the Kent countryside. I remember laughing constantly as John entertained us with his many stories.

Price – £10.00
(p&p free to UK)

Come send round the wine
Carolan’s Concerto
The harp that once through Tara’s halls
Rich and rare were the gems
It is not the tear at this moment shed
The meeting of the waters
The Pleasant Rocks
When in death I shall calm recline
The minstrel boy
Believe me, if all those endearing young charms
The Beardless Boy
Drink to her who long
While gazing on the moon’s light
Oh, ‘tis sweet to think
The Snowy Breasted Pearl
Oh blame not the bard
Avenging and bright
Here we dwell in holiest bowers
Planxty Drury
The last rose of summer
Oh breathe not his name
The valley lay smiling before me
Captain Magin
You remember Ellen
Come o’er the sea
Fill the bumper fair
Planxty Johnson
Dear harp of my countrySERENDIPITY SERCD 2900 [76’30″]
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(London Mozart Ensemble) – CD

David Le Page – violin
Kirsty Staines – violin
Edward Lithgow – viola
Nick Stringfellow – cello
Antonia Bakewell – double-bass

This collection of Mozart favourites was recorded in August 2000 at Bedales School, Hampshire. The theatre there is almost completely lined with oak and has a fantastic acoustic. These sessions marked the beginning of an important musical relationship with violinist David Le Page with whom I now work at Orchestra of the Swan. This was also the first time I met Simon Weir and Morgan Roberts. The playing on this recording is really fresh with loads of energy. After we cut the CD, we toured this programme throughout the UK. The audiences were brilliant and every concert was even more exciting than the last which is a real testament to such fantastic music.

Price – £10.00
(p&p free to UK)

Quintet in A major

Minuet and Trio
Allegretto con variazioni

Clarinet Concerto: Adagio

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

Minuet and Trio

Divertimento K136


Producer: Simon Weir
Engineer: Morgan Roberts assisted by Campbell Hughes


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Caledonia in the Drawing Room
(Apollo’s Cabinet) – CD

Claire Nelson – violin
Nick Stringfellow – cello
Steven Devine – fortepiano

with Clint van der Linde – alto, Mark Radcliffe – oboe, and Dorothea Vogel – viola

We recorded this interesting album of sonatas back in the late nineties on original instruments. These pieces were selected for the disc because they each incorporate a Scottish air as their theme or as one of the movements. The recording took place over four days in a big old house in Kew, London. It is worth owning a copy of this simply to view the embarrassing photo of Steven and I inside the booklet!

Price – £10.00
(p&p free to UK)

Sonata No.4 in D major by Ignace Joseph Pleyel (1757-1831)

Air Ecossoise (Adagio)
Rondo Ecossois (Rondo non troppo Presto)

Sonata No.1 in G major by Francois-Hippolyte Barthelemon (1741-1808)

Vivace Assai from Haydn’s 4th Quartetto of Opera 18th
Take your auld Cloak about ye (Adagio)
The Duchess of Hamilton’s Strathspey (Allegro)

The Braes of Ballanden in E flat major by Johann Christian Bach (1735-1782)

Beneath a Green Shade

Sonata No.2 in A major by Leopold Anton Kozeluch (1747-1818)

Rondo (Presto)

Sonata No.2 in D major by Jan Ladislav Dussek (1760-1812)

Romance (Larghetto Assai)
Rondo (Allegretto Moderato)

Producer: Kathy Burgess
Engineer: Ben Beeson

APOLLOCD001 [67’34″]

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Cellist at Large